Secret of the Best MLM Leads Company in the Industry

No one will tell you this about MLM Leads Generation Companies. Take notes.

Finding the best MLM lead company for consistent and quality supply is a tricky one for most people. It is a relatively big market place and you have to be careful. In fact, the only quality of leads you can trust are the one you generate from your own traffic source.

When you look through the search engines, you will find a bunch MLM lead companies with big implied claims. They have different lead packages. They are priced based on perceived qualities based on the name of the packages.

Without MLM leads, your business doesn’t have a life. MLM Leads Companies Know this.  When you have constant supply of leads, there is a sense of security. If you have no leads, you will have no customers and you can’t recruit new business partners either.

I can understand why MLM leads sell like water. It’s like selling heaven. There is no TRUE way to verify quality of the product. This is the more reason why you have to be careful.

When you are in the market for a good lead source, you may end up on the search engines searching for best MLM lead company reviews. If I were you, I would not trust reviews. I would do my own test on every single lead generation.

Testing for best MLM lead companies requires money.

A test can be a fail. But it really is not a fail because it adds knowledge to you business. From every test, you will what MLM lead source to avoid. The best reviews for a lead source will come from consistent testing of the market place. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you do that, you can burn a whole through marketing budget pocket. I am sure that is not what you want.

I have a simple formula that I use for my best MLM lead company test. Please feel free to steal it. I divide whatever my monthly marketing budget is by 10. With that being said, I can only afford to spend approximately 1 of those 10 parts on an lead source for testing.

The way I set up my business of which MLM lead generation is a major part it is this. 1 fail has only 1 out of 10 chances to bring my business down. That allows me to sleep like a baby at night. It’s not being conservative. It’s smart.

The best way to generate leads for your business as of today is though a lead capture page. You can simply buy traffic to a lead capture page with a simple box for a prospect to subscribe through. This is a more sure way to get quality leads.

If a prospect lands on webpage from any source with a corresponding lead magnet for your business opportunity offers, a percentage will subscribe. Mind you there are crooks in the business that can send a robot to your page and automatically fill out the form. However, that rarely happens.

The best MLM leads company is YOU. As a marketer, you deserve to learn how to generate your own traffic and capture leads from a simple lead capture page. When the leads are captured, they are automatically followed up by an autoreponder.

Autoresponders cost about $25 per month for a start. The tool continues to be one of the most single best investment in my business. In fact, I’ve got 3 different ones for different purposes.

A prospect lands on a webpage that says, “How to make $10,000 per month from home – FREE INFORMATION.” They actually subscribed to receive the information. That’s a good lead.

As far as the best leads, it depends on how the mindset of the traffic of prospects is pre-framed. Not all traffic are created equal. This the more reason why all traffic and MLM lead sources and companies must be tested always.

In the MLM lead market, you have to keep your eyes open. Sometimes, its not the fault of the traffic vendor. It’s always your responsibility to make sure that you have diversity in your business. Market does shift like any other business.

There are also MLM lead companies that claim to provide the DFY services (done for you services.) They may even go as far as claiming to be the best MLM lead generation company. If you care, ask them for a 3rd party endorsement of that information as a fact. But it really should not matter since you test everything anyway.

The other day, I purchased 100 clicks at $1 per click from a traffic vendor. My landing page captured about 15 leads which makes it about $6.66 per lead. One customer came from this source that brought over $1,500 in revenue. It was exciting. Guess what I did. I scaled up to 300 clicks which brought in 13 leads and zero sales.

When buying traffic and MLM leads from a traffic company, don’t scale up prematurely. When you make a sale, don’t let the excitement get in your head. Keep spreading the love. It’s called diversity.

If an MLM lead generation company cannot get the leads into your autoresponder, you probably should not waste your money. I cannot tell you how many people come to me and tell me they have 2,000 leads in an Excel sheet. That will be a useless list.

When you acquire a list MLM leads on a spreadsheet, most legitimate and quality autoresponder companies will not allow you it import this leads into their platform. It can damage their servers and IP address email reputation on the internet because of a high chance of bad email addresses. That can make them lose thousands of customers. Besides, that’s called spamming.

So what is the best MLM leads companies out there? I don’t know. A company can be good this month and become trash tomorrow. Sometimes, it is because they straight up got greedy over time. Some vendors mix up different quality of leads and sell it to MLM network marketers.

Remember that there are tons of traffic and lead sources. Find one strategy and master it. Be sure that the MLM leads generation strategy that you adopt allows you to diversify.

There is Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, different platforms for PPC (pay per click), email solo ads, search engine optimization etc. You can also purchase leads from team co-ops. The key thing is to spread the love.

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