Discover How to Generate MLM LEADS that Works all Online, even for FREE.

The 1st type of quality MLM leads are prospects that are already actively searching for a way to make money from home.

You launched your MLM business. Your family and friends all know about it now. May be you’ve even invited them to the home meeting a few times. The bottom line is that you are here to find a trust worthy MLM lead source for your business right?

NOTE: In the context of this special report…

MLM leads are the same as MLM prospects.

By the time you are done reading this report, you will be well on your way to knowing how to identify a good quality in MLM leads source. Once you know this, you will be able to, not just generate MLM leads on demand, but also attract viral MLM leads online that works and want your offers; all for free. All you need to really master is that you cannot harvest without sowing seeds first and that’s part of what I will reveal to you here.

I know how frustrating it can get to know in your heart that the MLM business works but only if you could just find a good quality source of MLM leads. Quality can go from 0 to 100 depending on the source of the traffic. By now, you should be clear that majority of traffic sources will deliver bad quality of MLM leads. Therefore getting your hands on this information is probably the smartest move towards the right direction.

I had my first home meeting. After inviting 100 of my existing circle of influence, about 55 confirmed and RSVP’ed. Well only about 23 showed up and after the presentation, 2 people joined my business. The rest of the guest had looks on their face as if I wasted their time. That’s when I knew that I needed to learn marketing so I can generate MLM leads and prospects that actually wants something similar to my offer. I figured it might make my life a lot more easier.

When I’m learning something new, I learn a long time ago to be coach-able. Even if the idea that a mentor is sharing with me seems senseless, I usually try it first before I condemn it. That is how I am able to back up my condemnation of the strategy. My upline at the time tried to get my first 2 reps to host their home meetings–the only source of MLM leads traditionally. We quickly found out that most people are scared to death to simply invite people to a presentation.

Let’s put this together. if the only source of generating MLM leads for new reps is the private business reception (PBRs), how is my business supposed to grow if they are petrified of simply inviting people? Well guess what I didn’t like the experience of inviting my friends and family too. But at least I was willing to do it once because this is business and my life. But in MLM, it is not about what you can do by yourself, it’s about the quality of the team you build. It’s not about a personal sales skills, it’s about building a business.

As soon as I found out that my 2 new reps only had 1 or 2 low quality entrepreneurial people in a meeting with no one joining, I asked my upline what needs to be done. Guess what he said; “hold another meeting.” That didn’t make any sense. People don’t launch businesses twice in a row. But I did it anyway and I packed the room again–with a bunch of low quality MLM leads. This time, one person joined. Guess what this person did with the business. You guessed right; NOTHING.

After sponsoring over 10 people into my new MLM business within 15 days, I knew that it makes no sense to keep going that way at that slow pace which many considered fast. Since my new reps could duplicate me, I had to rethink my strategy and the system I was plugged into. Then I realized that systems duplicate but human beings don’t duplicate.

The way I understood the MLM business is that it is a million dollar business that requires leverage to build properly. After careful consideration, it only made sense to sought out tools and technology to leverage for massive and faster exposure. Sitting down at Starbucks with 1 MLM lead for 100 minutes is too slow and would burn me out. I’d rather create or find a system that would allow me to expose a well deliverable presentation to 100 MLM leads in 1 minute.

The truth is that there were many cool quotes that I learn from traditional MLM. Here is one of them, you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person and you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person. However in professional marketing, efficiency is to be considered. Time is a factor. In building a business, speed is certainly a factor and I learned in traditional MLM also that success loves speed.

When considering speed in your business, consider how long it takes for MLM leads to mature in your sales funnel. With speed in mind, there are only 2 types of MLM leads you should go after. There is no question that a lead is a lead; but quality, efficiency and maturity speed is key to attracting viral MLM leads for free.

The 1st type of quality MLM leads are prospects that are already actively searching for a way to make money from home.

The 2nd type are existing MLM reps that are already sold on the idea but struggling to build a business. If you can solve these people’s problems, you will build your business almost effortlessly and fast. In addition to that you will make money even if no one joins your business. You will build a leadership personal brand and every one will fight each other to work with you.

To take a trial of my personal MLM leads generation funnel system that I use to generate on demand and even attract viral traffic and leads for FREE, click here.

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