How To Setup an High Momentum Online MLM Lead Generation System

Discover Top 3 Ways to Setup a Highly Leveraged Online Network Marketing Lead Generation System

As an MLM independent representative, the first thing you should make sure of on a daily basis is a continuous and endless flow online MLM lead generation. That concept is very simple. If you do not produce leads consistently, your business will die an untimely death.

There is a major problem in MLM and it affects you and I. The business model continue to attract regular job employee mindset newbies. They really do join the business thinking that some miracle is supposed to be printing cash from a cold room in UTAH.

What I found is that many times, they never internalize the idea of being an entrepreneur. They just hear the success stories of top earners making $300,000 and they want in. A real entrepreneur would ask and quickly find that there are no ways around MLM lead generation of some sort; online or offline.

Our job as MLM representatives is to build a distribution channel for a product. We are not really sales people. Top earners in the profession are entrepreneurs and their job is to build a thriving downline organization of partners.

Most MLM compensation plans proposes a pyramid structure where 2 gets 2 or 3 gets 3 and so on and so forth. A real entrepreneur would realize quickly through active prospecting that the first 3 people they speak to are not necessarily the champions needed to build a thriving organization. They realize quickly that attracting new business partners is a numbers game.

I get it. You need just 3 and then you need to help the 3 get 3. However in real life, people will reject your idea and even if they join, some do quit later. Why they do so, really does not and should not matter. Our job as entrepreneurs is to understand that this is in fact, a numbers game and an evergreen flowing of online mlm lead generation is key to success.

The profession is going to continue to attract new amateurs. These people may not be able to grasp the complete idea of full responsibility of daily new blood, life and leads for the business. The only way to then build the business like a professional is to have a simple quick start training and system that embeds online mlm lead generation right from the beginning.

Traditionally, MLM companies have the fear of not compromising duplication. They try to keep all initial MLM lead generation activities offline. Well, sorry people may not be professional entrepreneurs but they are not stupid. Your competing companies are doing something about it too.

People generally know that there is not such thing as offline henceforth. Everyone is online with their smart phones. Everyone at least feel it even if they don’t know, they feel that the idea of avoiding online MLM lead generation is just plain backwards. It is MLM companies responsibility to simplify the evolution into their business model, quick start training and systems.

I personally wake up every morning with 100% confidence that I will generate 30 – 100 leads that day online. Imagine knowing that your business presentation will be exposed to a minimum of 30 highly targeted prospects every day. What level of confidence and peace would come into your business?

It’s likely that the same presentation was good enough to get you started. This business is as simple as that. All you need to do is to just have an online mlm lead generation system in place that exposes the same presentation to a minimum of 30 pair of eyeballs per day. With most MLM compensation plans, you will become a top producer in record time.

But there is a catch. Online MLM lead generation systems requires…

…marketing; not just marketing but attraction marketing.

The idea I have shared of massive daily exposure will not work properly if you don’t employ attraction marketing. The very first step in that type of system is to first of all generate leads.

Leads are simply the contact information of prospects collected in order to follow up in the future in case there are no immediate decision to buy or join. Guess what;the average prospects will not decide until up to 7 times of exposure. This is pretty normal.

To collect leads, you need a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something of value given away for free to attract a prospect but they would pay for it if you did not give it to them for free. The lead magnet is offered on a lead capture page where the contact information is exchanged for the digital delivery of the lead magnet.

By giving this valuable gift away, you are building a relationship and good will between your personal brand and the prospect. People join people and not companies. People join and buy from people they feel like they know, like and trust. If your online mlm lead generation system does not factor that into operation, it will struggle and die.

Another important element in an online MLM lead generation system is a self liquidating list building structure.

This is the difference between someone who tries using it and quit for running out of marketing budget and the person that thrives. A self liquidating list building structure puts you into perpetual business building position.

What makes you a winner in the game of online MLM lead generation and marketing is to build a budget system that can last longer in the media than your competitors. 99% of MLM companies do not have this in place for you. It is still your responsibility to figure out out the destiny of your business when you run out of family and friends to talk to; but of course, it’s worth it.

Most uplines will insinuate that you keep stalking your friends and family. Some will suggest that you go on Social Media and spam people with unsolicited marketing messages. We are at that stage in the industry where people know they need to learn to use the internet but as usual, they are mostly doing it wrongly.

The idea of attraction marketing is very simple. As a guy, would you try to have sex with a girl the first time you meet her? No, you would ask to take her out on a date; at least for a coffee and conversation to get to know her. That will increase your chance of selling her or selling each other the idea of a relationship.

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