My Personal 7 Step MLM Recruiting Formula Revealed for FREE

7 Step MLM Recruiting Formula | Used to Recruit Over 400 Reps Personally

Yes I know. MLM recruiting is the #1 money making activity in your MLM business. I am glad you recognized that. If you take what you get out of this report seriously, recruiting into your business will become 2nd nature to you.

With this information, you will be able to recruit as many as 10 – 25 new business partners monthly. Using this 7 step mlm recruiting formula with your business will turn you to an MLM superstar.

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Step 1 of 7 Step MLM Recruiting Formula:

You have the power. Remember that you are the one recruiting here. If you were recruiting into a corporate job, how would you feel. Would you feel like boss or like a beggar?

Most times when people struggle with recruiting into their MLM, it’s because the energy they sending out is a beggar energy. The prospect can feel it if you are not confident in what you are selling.

You must believe in the MLM business opportunity that you are selling and its product. If not, it will show to your prospects. No prospects want to follow a low self esteem leader.

Having the energy of a powerful recruiter is not necessarily something you can force. However, it can be orchestrated by simply making sure that you are recruiting into an MLM and a product you truly believe in.

Step 2: You are the one giving the privilege. The 2nd thing that’s for sure in my MLM recruiting formula is this. I maintain a clarity of who is giving the opportunity. It needs to be crystal clear until MLM recruiting becomes 2nd nature for you.

We call MLMs business opportunity but the truth is that most MLM professionals get desperate. When you are desperate, position switches between you and your prospect.

Becoming desperate in recruiting is definitely not a great position to be in. When you are the one giving the privilege, suddenly, there is no such thing as REJECTION. You retain the power to reject prospects from your downline.

Again, it comes down to your confidence level about the opportunity you are selling and the product that it distributes. There are no guarantees that you MLM company will last for a long time. However, you need to feel that way now.

Step 3: You are an entrepreneur. You need to be the leader here. MLM recruiting professional do not have time to whine about rejections or slow days.

Entrepreneurs are clear on who is responsible for production. They don’t point fingers at their upline. They absolutely do not blame anything on a dead downline.

Sadly, most MLM professionals are not self made. They are usually opportunity mindset individuals who can’t really see any sense in investing.

Most people in MLM quit prematurely because they were never entrepreneurs in the first place. Many times, they quit without even knowing they already did. Life happens to them.

If you want to become a master at MLM recruiting, this 3rd attribute is crucial. When your day is going badly as an MLM recruiter with an entrepreneurial mindset, you feel like it’s all your fault even if it’s not.

Step 4 of my Personal 7 Step MLM Recruiting Formula:

You are in a partnership with your MLM company. I know this is business. 97% of the MLM world don’t even know that. But besides that, this is life. Sometimes in life we have to severe relationships for reasons beyond our control.

People join people. People don’t join companies. Most importantly, people join people they like, know and trust. one of the best ways to get prospect to like, know and trust you is through story telling. Story telling is a craft that I use in every MLM recruiting. It’s in a major part of my 4th step in my MLM recruiting formula.

One thing behind my mind when recruiting into my MLM is this. I do not own the MLM company. NEWSFLASH: You don’t own your MLM company either.

I spoke to one guy the other day who truly thinks he own a piece of a new MLM company he joined. I told him to pull up his MLM contract and read it again. chances are he hd never read it just like you probably never read your. MLM recruiters are just 1099 employees.

Because it’s a partnership, I sell myself as a leader in my MLM recruiting efforts. Most people misunderstand this and start worrying about creating and building brands without results.

Selling yourself as a leader actually starts from simply selling a person the story of why you joined the industry. If you can do that enough times, you can create result. Once you get result, tell more stories with the result to more people. The stories will brand you and turn you into an MLM industry superstar.

Step 5: Massive exposures is key to your success. The truth is that everyone does not deserve to be in my MLM. So for my 5th step, I realize that my job as a recruiter is sort for the right quality of partners for my MLM business.

Here is a quick legendary formula for that. Spend 1 minute with 100 prospects, not 100 minute with 1 prospect. Impossible ; I know. But get as close as possible to that. With today’s technology, I actually do way better than that.

When MLM amateurs get desperate, I laugh because it’s sad that they don’t know the magnitude of the opportunity. The United States Census Bureau estimates that the world population exceeded 7 billion on March 12, 2012; endless leads and prospects for your MLM business.

There is never a need for you to run out of prospects to expose your opportunity to. The exception is if you depend on your family and friends alone. Another exception is if you refuse to become a master at marketing and and prospecting.

Step 6: I collect decisions after exposure to my MLM presentation. If I have the time, after an exposure, I simply say, “it seems that you are ready to get started.” Then I shut. This type of silence is truly golden.

Here is what most MLM professionals do. They start trying to convince the prospect. They throw up too much excitement all over the prospect. The prospect usually become confused. Confused people do nothing.

Step 7: I plug new business partner into an MLM training and recruiting system. I never have time to be training new recruits personally and neither should you. Of course, that’s only applicable to you if you knew the value of this business.

The only exception to no personal new-recruit babysitting is if they pay me for personal coaching separately at my current rate of $8,333 per hour. There are no needs for that because technology by way an MLM recruiting system will do a better job without involving too much of your personal time. There are only 24 hours in a day.

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