Leveraging an MLM Automated Recruiting System on the Internet

I am glad you made it to this automated MLM recruiting system information. Once you get a grasp of this, it will change your life. There is nothing strange about this. This is just how far we’ve gone with technology in the human race.

The idea of MLM has always been built on systems. However don’t be shocked if you have an upline who is skeptical about the efficiency that comes with technology such as an automated MLM recruiting system. It’s not their fault. The fear of losing their downline to technology friendly MLM is real.

This is not to bash them, but MLM professionals can be some of the most closed minded people in the world. Every real entrepreneur knows to never underestimate technology. Real entrepreneurs don’t believe in IMPOSSIBILITY. Therefore an MLM recruiting system that’s completely automated is not that far from their imagination.

All MLM companies have an online portal that’s totally automated. Every rep can see what their genealogy is doing and which leg is active in real time. But yet, there are scared uplines telling their people to stay away from the internet. That doesn’t make any sense right?

The concern surrounding whether to use technology in recruiting is from the quality of relationship that you can build with a prospect. Many old school people, including my parents, do not believe that you can build an authentic relationship on the internet. Therefore the idea of an INTERNET MLM recruiting system is simply not real to them.

When people doubt the power of technology, it is usually a sign that they are not an entrepreneur. They also do not realize that technology advancement is a major part of cultural shift for all human race. The truth is that we do not really have much choice on how the machines affect us.

I remember coming into the home business industry and being 100% aware that this is about leverage for me. I managed to build a team of about 23 people within 1 week. But I knew that there has to be a faster, easier and simpler way to attract and not necessarily recruit new business partners.

When I shared the idea of an MLM recruiting system that automates recruiting with my upline…

…his concern became how duplicatable it is. Please realize that duplication is to systems. As human beings, we have an eternal inability to duplicate.

Recruiting into your MLM is as much of a science as it is art. There are a few things that goes through the mind of your prospect before they say yes to your business opportunity. Some of these things are predictable and therefore can be reversed engineered into an MLM automated recruiting system.

MLM business is about freedom. You should not have a problem leveraging anything that streamlines the process of building your distribution channel. That’s what you get paid for. I am glad you realized that fact evidently because here you are consuming this information.

People join people. I get it. Relationship and influence is a big factor in a decision to join your downline. The psychology of influence is an interesting thing. There are times when your availability in person to your prospect becomes indirectly proportional to your influence on them.

The more time you spend with a prospect in prospecting, the less your chances of recruiting them. When you start feeling that it is 100% about what you say to a prospect, you will fail at recruiting in your MLM all the time. Remember, you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person and you cannot say the right thing to the wrong person.

I am all for quality leadership. But how could you claim quality leadership without having the right tools, system and technology for your downline team to leverage their time. After all, the business is about freedom; not just financial but that of time as well.

I was just reading a news right now of an MLM distributor who hit vice president of his company within 27 days. He also hit $300,000 in monthly residual income within the first year. If you think that is possible without him leveraging an automated MLM recruiting system for his team, you are kidding yourself.

What most people refer to as DUPLICATION is a myth. If you want duplication in your team, the number one quality you need is leadership. Having leadership as a quality will allow you to have a good judgement on when to take initiative for your team. Such initiative will sometimes be outside of the box or conventional MLM recruiting systems.

If you are in a position where your upline is scared of losing you to technology, you do not have an upline. In the first place, your MLM business should never depend on your upline. In fact, my personal rule is that my business does not depend on my upline and any one downline team member. Everyone is replaceable.

An MLM automated recruiting system for the 21st century…

…must include these things. A lead capture webpage, an autoresponder for automated prospect follow up and a lucrative front end funnel to help offset your cost of marketing. If any of these element is missing, chances are you will struggle.

Technology does not eliminate the human element of recruiting for your MLM. It enhances it. You do not have any other choice. Technology is fast becoming almost synonymous with business. Therefore if you are a true entrepreneur, you will pay attention.

As you may or may not know, change is the only thing that is constant. The online members portal for all MLM companies are evolving. They must know a little something about staying on top of the technology game. Pay attention to what they do. In fact, pay attention to what the top entrepreneurs in the world do.

Massive exposure for your MLM business is key. You have only 24 hours in a day. Not just that, speed is just as good as quality in business today. If you do not respect quantity in exposure, it gets significantly harder to find quality prospects. In addition, your business will suffer from lack of momentum. Automated MLM recruiting systems are a must and they are here to stay.

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