The Best Online MLM Marketing Systems, Strategies & Solutions for your Business

Secrets of a Turnkey Internet MLM Marketing System

So you are excited about the new MLM business that you joined. You’ve made your list of close friends and family. But you are now clear that it is time to take it up to the next level by employing some online MLM marketing strategies.

When you got online to do some research on MLM online marketing solutions, you came across a bunch of options. May be you’ve even tried some ‘so called’ online MLM marketing systems. But many times, you find yourself stuck at a computer trying to figure out technical stuff instead of making money.

After all, everything is online now. Technology is making everything faster and easier. But may be in efforts of putting online strategies to work for your new business, it seems that the opposite is happening.

I know how you feel. As a computer engineering graduate, I found some of the technical stuff easy. But generally, I found that technology can have as much negative effect as much as its upside on a business and high performance.

There are billions of information out there about any topic. This is causing even bigger noise and that ca n make even the simplest of decisions on what strategies to deploy harder. This is applicable in everything.

What I want to do in this report is to make it easier for you to select or setup the right online MLM marketing system for your business. There are no questions that this needs to be done. Most of your prospects are hanging out online more than anywhere else, therefore your marketing message need to be present there as well.

There are all kind of ways to get your MLM marketing message online. The most popular type of way is through spamming. It’s popular because it does not involve learning the skills but also because most people don’t get sustainable result doing it.

I think it makes sense that anything worth doing is worth doing well, but with class, with skills and dignity. Unfortunately, most people join the MLM movement because of quick bucks. That’s yet another reason why most people fail at it; 98% fail in MLM.

There is a saying that ‘marketers ruin everything.’ If you go on instagram right now, you will find active 200,000 or more MLM’ers spamming everywhere with their post and a ton of hashtags. When you look at these posts, you can tell what the motives are. They go as far as using bot tools to spam everywhere with irrelevant comments.

I want to be straight up with you. If you don’t take time to learn proper direct response marketing skills, you will struggle with whatever media type you’ve chosen to spread your MLM marketing message on. Sorry, it is not as simple as just posting random ads and money flows in. Skepticism is at all time high because of the amount of noise that technology itself has caused through modern day phenom like social media and instagram.

There are a few things that I recommend that an online MLM marketing system must have.

First, it needs to be able to build a list of 30 or more leads and prospects per day. Secondly, it needs to be able to build the list perpetually.

Building a list is as simple as advertising a simple lead capture webpage that piques interest and offers a valuable lead magnet in exchange for email address from prospects. Once a prospect enters their email address, you now have a lead inside an autoresponder. It should now be obvious that you need another tool called the autoresponder which automatically follows up with your prospect with their permission. No worries, it is usually $25 or less.

It may take a while or never before a prospect joins your business. People don’t join businesses. They join people they feel a value in. Business opportunities’ marketing message is often not a solution for the ideal prospect. This poses another problem that need to be solved. How can you make money even when people don’t join your business.

So what is the ideal prospect to join a business opportunity? There are 2 types of ideal prospect to join an MLM. The first type is a person actively looking for a way to make money from home. The second type is a person who is already in the profession but struggling.

If your marketing message does not appear like a solution for an existing and/or aspiring entrepreneur, your online MLM marketing system will not allow you to build a list perpetually. You will simply run out of your marketing budget too soon. You need a funnel that takes your ideal prospect on an engaging experience through the solution to their problem and answer to their present quest.

If you can embed this simple things into your online MLM marketing strategy, system and solution, your business will become a turnkey business. Anyone can join as your business partner and become an active marketer. This is the closest you will get to a perfect duplicating downline organization.

One of the major problems with most downline organization is that there are too many people in it who are not active marketers. If you are not actively marketing, that means you are not prospecting by default. If you get lucky and someone joins, they will become an inactive marketer just like you and have a low to zero chance of getting lucky.

In conclusion, an online MLM marketing solution needs to have perpetual list building capabilities.

That means that you need a front end low ticket product to recoup some marketing dollars back for immediate re-investment. Said product need to be a problem solver for the ideal prospect being targeted.

For me personally, I also prefer that I have a 100% reseller rights to whatever the product is to get me as close as possible to breaking even on the front end cost of business. If you can accomplish this, all money made in the back-end, which is when someone actually joins your business or buy a core product can simply be pure profit.

You do need a system to accomplish this. The closest you will ever be to duplication in any business is still systems. It reduces your risk of over-creativity which does keep people broke. However, it is do able and there are a few systems out in the market place but they all require consistency to see meaningful result.

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